Thursday, February 08, 2007

Colts Beat the Bears: A Super Bowl Celebration!

I've finally got a few photos to share from our Super Bowl party last Sunday. Many thanks to Rab for uploading them. He also has a nice little post on our party that you can read here.

First of all, a million thanks to Rab, Phil, and the Tickler for hosting an AWESOME Super Bowl Party. We had like 50 people show up and I know they put a lot of work into throwing this party. I know everyone had a great time and it was very generous of them to open up the house to pretty much anyone who wanted to come. Including a single Bears fan, which I'll post about later. So thanks guys, it was a night I'll never forget.

Also a big thanks to the guys who came in from out of town. As Rab mentions, we had Joel come in from Texas for the weekend to watch the game, AJ from Seattle, then Ike flew in from Alaska to be here for 17 hours, just to watch the Colts win. Thanks for doing that guys, it was awesome to see you there.

Then a big thanks to big J for letting fourteen people cram into his minivan for a ride through downtown after the win. We were on top of the van, hanging on the side, sitting on top of each other, and I think there were a few empty beer cans when we were finished (not mine), so thanks for doing that for us.

Now, on to the photos that help immortalize one of the best nights of my life. You can view the entire photoset here (which is worth seeing- Thanks Rab!).

Here's a picture of half of us in the van after the game. That's big Biscuit in the middle with the newspaper and Ike freezing his ass off the side.

Here we all are celebrating in a veritable mosh pit. That's my wife on the right hand side pushing April out of the way so she can jump into the middle of the pile. There's a video of that some where that I'll have to get uploaded to Youtube.

I love this picture. Me and my two old roommates who both flew in for the game. I'm throwing up the official horseshoe symbol for the Colts. At least it's official where I come from (Scruff, was that you who made it?).


Joel said...

Hey Art,

I got a few good photos of the party up on my blog. I'm working on getting the videos out as well.

Sure was fun. Take care yssup.


scruff said... looks like april has a beard in the picture where clara is pushing her.