Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pacers' Tinsley and Daniels Strike Again

While Indianapolis still celebrates the Colts Super Bowl victory, their Pacers are making the wrong kind of headlines...again.

Today's IndyStar has the following article: Bar manager says 3 Pacers hit him. I don't know much about the details and there will be an investigation, but why in the heck are these guys out at 2:30 AM after getting their butts handed to them against Golden State? It's ridiculous! Especially if you already have a history of being a moron late at night.

Unfortunately, Tinsley is worth too much to the Pacers to get rid of him. But I guarantee you that if they can move him, they will. The fans in this city will not take that kind of crap. We're way too "conservative" to condone this behavior. Especially after seeing how the Colts players can go an entire season, win a Super Bowl, and not have any late night incidents. And they only play games once a week.

Poor Pacers. You can just tell that this city is fed up with it. We'll see what happens. Winning changes everything, so they know what they need to do.

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