Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm Ready for Spring

Okay, I love the seasons, but I've had about enough of winter already. My gas bill sucks, I'm tired of shoveling, I have a car that won't start, my parking spot gets snow plowed into it twice a day, it takes me over an hour to get to work now, and I'm cold. And I haven't gone sledding, had any snowball fights, or built a snowman. So there's really no reason for me to want winter anymore.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather and the inevitable IndyStar story on how potholes (pot-holes, pot holes, however it's spelled) are formed.

I was sent these pictures through email (got them last year too) as a reminder not to complain about the weather here in Indy. Thought I'd post a few of them here as a reminder.


Joshua said...

Yep, that would definitely be much worse than what we've got now. Thanks for the reminder.

Phil said...

i'm with you about the spring thing. I can't wait to want to be outside again. Going to work this morning, my car was reading 0 degrees F. Thats freaking cold man.