Friday, November 02, 2007

Messin' With Sasquatch

I am always intrigued with commercials and advertising campaigns. Mostly because I believe the majority of them suck. So, it's a thrill for me when a good one comes along. Right now, my favorite has to be the Jack Links: Messin' With Sasquatch campaign. It's been out for a while, so I'm sure you've probably seen it. I'm not sure exactly why, but these commercials seriously crack me up.

Here's a good one; it's where they do the old "drive away while your buddy is trying to get in the car trick":

These were a couple I hadn't seen before. I think the second one is better:

And then my favorite is probably this one:

I love how Sasquatch is innocently playing with a butterfly. Then how the guy looks back at his girlfriend while he laughs. It's those little things. Freaking hilarious.

If you want to see more, click here.

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