Monday, November 12, 2007

"Dungy Couldn't Save His Own Son" or "You Disgust Me, You Stupid Pats Fan"

I recently wrote a blog post about my feelings for Bill Belichick. Obviously, I called him out for being an egotistical, cheating, classless, coach. If you haven't done so, you should read that article here.

In some sort of attempt to make himself feel better about supporting an organization full of cheats, New England Patriots fan Jason had this to say in response to my post:

It's amazing to think that Dungy, couldn't even help his son...that's right. He's so GOOD of a person that he put his job BEFORE his family. Sounds like the BEST GUY ever.

No, I'm not saying that Belichick is a saint, I don't even like the fact that we cheated...but I'm sick of EVERYONE thinking the Colts $h!t don't stink. These people are athletes and coaches...they aren't saints.

Oh, Dungy is such a good person...who couldn't help his own family.

My initial reaction upon reading this would've looked something like this:

Wow. Seriously? I mean... wow.

Where do I begin? After thinking about this for a while, I've decided there are two types of people who would make such a comment:

1) An ignorant moron who has never had to deal with a loved one committing suicide.

2) An ignorant moron who considers himself a "fan," and thinks that gives him the right to freaking rip a man's personal life apart.

The funny thing is that I never said anything about Dungy or any other Colt being a "saint." I just called Belichick a bitch.

Before you call me a hypocrite, please note that any comment I've made about Belichick has been football related. I'm not saying that makes it right or anything, I'm just saying that as much as I despise him, I would never trash his personal life. Especially if it was something like the death of his son.

At first I was upset about his comment, until I realized that we're dealing with an absolute imbecile here. Obviously Jason has never gone through anything closely resembling what Dungy and his family have dealt with. Anyone who has, would have tact enough not to try to discredit a man because his son committed suicide. Even if it was only written as a joke to prove a point on some no-name blog.

It's difficult for me not to attack Jason's personal life in retaliation, and make assumptions and accusations just for the sake of shock humor. But I'm going to refrain from doing that. Like a good Colts fan, I'll take "the high road." And for the record, compared to Belichick, Dungy is a saint. Heck, Jason is too.


Arthur said...

I would also like to add that I do appreciate the fact that Jason left a comment and that it was argumentative. I wish there were more people willing to do that at this blog. I just take exception to the way in which he chose to prove a point. Stupid.

Ange said...

Jason = Douche Bag!

scruff said...

well said

B said...

OMG I just read that guy's blog and his own wife is a Colts fan, PLUS he himself is a Pacer's fan (at least a Reggie Miller fan). And he had the bullocks to kick a man who's son committed suicide for reasons COMPLETELY unknown to the rest of us while he's down. And it didn't look like he was drunk commenting... is there someone really that evil and heartless out there?

When did football break outside the realm of sportsman-like healthy competition and into someone's personal life? This guy is watching sports for the wrong reason.

And oh man oh man oh man how I could tear Jason's personal life apart. An independent film maker, a movie theater manager.... I'll stop, that's not fair to him. Poor bastard. He probably just found out he's gay and is trapped in a heterosexual marriage. Maybe that's why he moved so close to Vermont.

Damn, I just stooped to his level. No wonder he does it, it really feels good. (forgive me, a sinner)

Jesse said...

Well, its obvious Jason is just ignorant. Presuming you know the state of another man's family life is mind bogglingly stupid. At least read his book, where you can find out that they had to basically rebuild his office in Tampa because he brought his kids with him to everything he did. There were drawings, bumps and scratches all over the walls where they all played games while Dungy was there working. Or maybe he didn't read about his other son who was born without any pain receptors- and has to be examined and watched around the clock. He could literally blind himself from scratching his eye, etc.

So it's not that I expect a patriots fan to understand these things, or actually research something before you call out another man and his family- but as a human being you're called to some order of civility.

Displaying the arrogant, classless, dishonest qualities of the patriot’s organization is something I suppose we've come to expect now. Kinda sad.

Arthur said...

Jesse- Very very well put. You've brilliantly summed up exactly what I was trying to say.

B- That actually goes ditto for you. Except, I'm too much of a yssup to take it that far. Forgive you a sinner.

Clara said...

Which Jesse is that? I couldn't find a last name. :)

Forgive you a sinner B. (Who's B?)

Why'd you say Jason's a saint?

Jason is probably cracking up that he made all of us mad and write all these comments. Aren't you Jason?

Well...whatever. No comment.

Jason L. Maier said...

You guys have every right to be upset with my is fun to poke the tiger with a stick and wait to see how long it takes for a response.

I will comment on a few things...

First, it WAS wrong to make such a statement about a man I don't know. It just seems that everyone believes that THEIR team or coach is the best (when on a winning organization anyways) and they can't do anything wrong. I just pointed out that ALMOST ALL of people in professional sports put their job in front of their family.

Second, I was discussing people in the public eye...I did not attack anyone on here specifically. Nice to see personal attacks from an observation I believe in. Let's not put up a fight and comment like Arthur did, let's call me a homosexual instead. B, then you rip on Sean Taylor (or how people have reacted to his death) only proving my point about people's perception of sports figures.

Side note: Why didn't Marquis Hill's death get a moment of silence at EVERY opening day game? He died saving a woman's life. Think about it as a person, not as an Anti-Patriots fan.

Just like Arthur, when I first read his blog, I was pissed. I reacted while I was still not happy and resorted to a terrible tactic.

Just to clear things up...yes, I am married to a Colts fan and couldn't be happier. I lived in Indiana for almost 20 years and Reggie Miller is the best thing to ever happen to the Pacers, the only player that wasn't a Celtic that I ever rooted for. My whole family is originally from this area which is why I am a Boston sports fan.

Till later...