Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Summer of Love

Another wedding this weekend—that makes three in three weeks. Yesterday Suzy Coolman got married. That’s still hard to believe. It was a beautiful wedding held at the White River Gardens. The reception was there and had great food and drinks and was altogether a great time.

The weird thing for me was seeing a bunch of people who I hadn’t seen in a few years; particularly, the group who used to go to Gallahue with us. The Fowlers were all there and all grown up. It was weird to see them, especially Brandon. Last I remember of Brandon, he was trying to tag along with all of us to go play in the creek by the bridge. Now he’s taller than me and has a girlfriend and looks almost like an adult. Crazy. Then there were the Rensink girls. Amy is going to Butler next year and I can still remember when Ben came over to stay with us while Sally was in the hospital giving birth to Amy. That’s just weird. Then there’s Katie, who has a daughter of her own. I remember camping out under the stars at the dam and all of us trying to figure out what Katie’s dreams meant. Gosh, it feels like a lifetime ago now. I miss those weekends at Gallahue. They were perfect bookends to my childhood summers. Makes me wish I could go back there.

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