Friday, June 30, 2006


I read a great article today about two guys who decided to be superheroes. I’ll provide a link at the bottom (a must read), but basically they made up names for themselves, got costumes and started scouring the streets for those in need of help. What a great idea. Anyways, the article is worth reading, but it got me thinking about what superhero I would be.

The main guy is Mr. Silent. Cause he’s stealthy. The name is probably the hardest part. I think I would be Dr. Gass Ass. That’s what my wife calls me. I would numb the wits of my enemies with flatulencial force. I could also create a flatulence flame and burn them to dust. And I would put gas in vials and containers and make gas bombs. They would go on my utility belt.

Then the difficult thing would be coming up with a costume. I’d want an old-school outfit, like those old Batman and Robin shows. I suppose it would have to be green or brown. I’d have a long cape with a hole in the middle. I’d have a mask that just covered my eyes, therefore securing my true identity. Oh and boots too. Pleather boots.

Then I would need to come up with witty remarks for my arch nemesis, “Professor B. Know.” I think that would just about do it. That’s fun to play with. I could probably create an entire blog of fun superheroes. You should try it. If you blog about it, leave a comment with a link to your site, cause I’d like to check it out. Or just do it in my comments section. Or don’t. But definitely check out the article that inspired this post:

Mr. Silent

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Mike S said...

Let's hope some wack job doesn't go looking for him to show how bad a villain he the meantime, good for him. Maybe we should look for an opportunity to help - not as super heroes - but just to help.