Tuesday, May 09, 2006

4 Months and Counting...

Geez, it's been two months since I last posted. I thought I'd be much better at keeping up with this thing.

Anyways, so the wife and I just had a four month "anniversary" of sorts yesterday. I took of an hour early from work and we went to the canal for Yahtzee and a nap, Nothing but Noodles for dinner, Blockbuster for a movie, home to watch Apprentice and then Walk the Line. It was a good movie, but I liked Ray better. Here's the best line in the movie (not word for word, but the general idea):

Johnny Cash: "It will just take care of itself."
June: "It will not take care of itself. Someone else will take care of it for you and you'll think it took care of itself."

That's a great line. I can think of a ton of situations with myself and others where they just think things sort of take care of themselves, when in reality, lots of people work hard to get it done and just don't get recognized for the work. Anyways, good line, good movie.

So I'm finally getting a new job. Again. I hope I really like this one. Although I doubt it will be that job that I finally just love to do. Still don't think I'll ever find that one. It's pretty frustrating to not know what you love to do. You'd think that would be the one thing everybody knows about who they are. But not me. I'm jealous of those people who grow up just knowing they want to be doctors or whatever. That would be great. Oh well, I have a great wife and house and church, so I guess things could be worse.

Good discussion at Men's Group on Friday. We talked about homosexuality and a few other subjects and how we're always trying to fix things. That's not a good recap, but whatever we talked about, it was a good discussion.

I ran my first mini marathon on Saturday AM. It was a lot of fun. My wife made me do it, and I'm glad she did. The most I had ever run in my life was six miles like two months ago. I thought we'd walk most of it and just enjoy the ride, but we ended up running the whole thing. I was pretty proud of myself, but ended up in pain the rest of the day. And I heard Ryan ran it like an hour faster than me. Mile 11 was the worst. And it's incredible how much motivation one homeless guy standing on a corner clapping his hands can give. I never realized how much it helps just having someone cheer you on. Even when they probably don't really care and definitely don't know who you are. That's a blog post for another day though, cause I could go on about home field advantage in sports and all kinds of stuff. But I won't.

So anyways, it was a good weekend and I'm looking forward to starting a new job here next Monday. I hope I like it.

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