Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby Anni

I’ve got to tell this story before I forget it. Sunday afternoon before the wedding, Ali and Jon came over with their 22-month old daughter, Anni. -By the way, at what age do you stop counting in months and switch to years? I bet we’d all feel a lot older if we just kept track of our age in months. I would be like 310 months old. Then your thousand-month birthday would be a huge event. Anyways, back to the story:

So Anni ended up getting attached to this little baby doll we had. It was made of fairly flexible plastic, with the ability to move its arms, legs and head. It also came with a diaper and I am told that it used to be able to consume water, wet the diaper, and be ready for a change. That really creeps me out, but is beside the point. So anyways, at this stage in its life, it’s just an average doll.

Anni decided to name it “Baby Anni,” and she was hugging it and kissing it and putting it to sleep and everything. Very cute and fun to watch. Yes, she was quite in love with Baby Anni and it was quite entertaining to watch. But not nearly as entertaining as what happened next.

Jon, as the loving father, decided to go help Anni play with Baby Anni. He had them lie down together on a pillow and pretend to sleep. Then he started moving Baby Anni's head around. Then he smiled and popped that head right off.

Anni stared at the decapitated body for a few brief seconds before wailing, “Baaaaaaaaaaaabeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!” She then ran to her mother, who has already learned the matriarchal talent of simultaneously consoling a child while chastising a husband.

Eventually she was fine, but the whole scene was hilarious. Hopefully Anni hasn’t been permanently traumatized. Sure wish I had it on tape to share with you all and with Anni when she’s twenty or so.

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