Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Had a crazy dream last night. It was about church camp and all kinds of fun stuff was going on. Somehow I came up with an awesome scavenger hunt where the clues were super hard, like Da Vinci Codesh. Then we didn’t have a No-Talent Night for the first time in history because I couldn’t think of a creative way to host it. Weird dream and reminded me how close it is to camp time. I have to get a lot of things ready, but I’m excited as always. We actually have one of our first Jr. High Boys coming back as a Staff Assistant to be with us again this year. Time flies.

Tried to go to the Symphony in the park last night, but it got rained out after two songs. We still enjoyed good food and wine with the folks. That’s one great thing about being married is that we do stuff like that. I would’ve never gone to that thing if my wife didn’t want to. It’s embarrassing that there are so many great things to do around this city and I never did them until I hung out with her. Tonight is Music on the Canal, tomorrow Symphony on the Prairie, and Saturday is Les Miserables at the Murat. I really do enjoy that stuff and never realized how much.

Just finished listening to Machiavelli’s “The Prince” on tape today. It’s interesting and similar to “The Art of War.” It actually sounds a lot like “how to run a successful business” or something. I’m sure the necessary skills are transferable. And you pretty much have to be the opposite of what Christianity asks you to be. Perhaps this is why it is so difficult for a rich man to enter heaven. It was an interesting read nonetheless.

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