Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Google Maps- Drive to London...in Less than a Month!

Google Maps is truly an amazing navigational tool. You can get directions to just about anywhere. And I mean anywhere.

I decided to find out how long it would take to drive from Indianapolis, Indiana to London, UK. Google Maps was up to the challenge. Not only did they find directions, they found a way to do it in less than a month! (results here)

According to Google Maps- "Drive: 4,671 mi (about 29 days 21 hours)"

After looking at that map, I know what you're thinking. "But Arthur, that route has me driving over the Atlantic Ocean. My car doesn't float!"

Ahh, ye of little faith. You forgot that Google Maps was at the helm. If you'll look closely at the directions, you can clearly see that they take care of this minor obstacle in step #18:

So, 3,462 miles later, you will arrive in...France? I must admit, this had me questioning the navigational skills of Google Maps. I mean, if I were to swim across the Atlantic Ocean to get to London, I would think the fastest way would be to swim right up into England.

However, we are instructed to swim into France. I know Google is never wrong, so I started thinking about why they would send us to France?

I assume it is because they have our health in mind and the rocky shores of Southwestern England is no place for a tourist to be swimming. Not to mention the fact that Americans are familiar with the beaches of Normandy, so this would be a logical destination. Maybe Google gets a referral bonus from the A29 autoroute. Whatever the reason, you can rest assure that this is the fastest route possible.

Now, before you go do anything stupid, like trying to drive across the Pacific Ocean, you need to know that- unlike the Atlantic Ocean- it can't be done. I tried to find directions to Hawaii, and there appears to be a big ocean in the way.


mike s said...

That is just too funny. Good post. I had a good chuckle today with that one.

Phil said...

This is truly amazing! I have always wanted to travel to London, but never really knew the way. I thought of just giving in and purchasing a plane ticket. Now that I have these directions, why would I even think of flying. I never thought that Google would be able to deliver such accurate directions. They must also be thinking of all of the sights and wonders you would miss in the Atlantic Ocean if you simply hopped a plane and flew. Thank you Google and thank you Art for this vital information.