Monday, April 02, 2007

Indianapolis Bids to Host 2011 Super Bowl

Today, Indianapolis will submit its bid to host the 2011 Super Bowl. Today is the deadline for cities to turn in their bids, and a decision will be made by May 23.

So, cross your fingers, cause this would be sweet for Indianapolis. I don't want to get too excited about anything yet, but nobody should have to tell you that this would be HUGE for our city. Especiallly if the Colts win the next three Super Bowls and then get a chance to play for five rings in a row at home. Yeah, that'd be awesome.

The full story can be read here from IndyStar. But here are a few highlights, as reported by Karen Eschbacher:

Decision is 7 weeks away
• Today: Allison Melangton, senior vice president of event management for the Indiana Sports Corp., flies to New York to hand-deliver the city's bid to the NFL offices.

• April 10: Representatives from Indianapolis 2011 Inc. will meet with NFL staff in Philadelphia to review the bid and discuss possible improvements. The city can continue refining its proposal until shortly before a location is chosen.

• May 21-23: NFL team owners will hold their spring meeting in Nashville, Tenn., and are expected to choose a location for the 2011 Super Bowl. Decision is 7 weeks away

The process
Each location hoping to host the Super Bowl will make a 10-minute presentation during the owners' spring meeting in Nashville, Tenn. The NFL says the schedule is being finalized, but representatives from Indianapolis said they have been told presentations will take place May 23.

NFL staff will provide the owners an analysis of each bid. The owners of the three teams competing to host the Super Bowl will make closing remarks.

Owners vote by secret ballot. A location needs 75 percent of the votes to win on the first ballot. If no location gets enough support, the lowest vote-getter will be eliminated and then only a simple majority of votes will be needed.

A decision is expected that day.


mike s said...

Fingers are crossed. I totally agree this would be huge for our city. I like the idea about the Colts doing 5 in a row - I also know that is a TALL order. :-)

Super Bowl 2013 said...

Yeah man! I read your post. Its make me feel better. Thanks once again.