Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dolls are the SCARIEST!! (by far)

I've decided to complete my session on the scariest things in the world. Number three on this list doesn't really count, so really these are the three things that scare me the most:
1) Dolls
2) Clowns
3) Pictures of dolls and clowns
4) Old ladies
5) Scariest things on the internet

Now, you may think that I'm just doing this to make a funny post or whatever, and that is partly true. But I genuinely don't like dolls. They seriously scare me, and if I was in a room with me and a bunch of dolls, I really would feel scared and uncomfortable. It's not like a mortal fear of them or something-- I once worked with a girl who had a true phobia of "little people." She said she couldn't even watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because of the Ooompa Loompas.
I thought she was just joking, until a little person came into work, and she seriously started having trouble breathing and stuff. She was frightened.

So when I say I'm scared of dolls, I guess it's not that bad. But this isn't just a joke either.

According to The Indexed Phobia List, the fear of dolls is called, "Pediophobia;" which is really close to pedophile, so be careful how you use it. Now we need to get more specific about which dolls I'm talking about, or rather which dolls I'm not talking about.

I'm not talking about Barbie Dolls,
(although this one's pretty scary) because Barbies aren't really dolls anyway. There more of a figurine. Like a G.I. Joe or something.

And I'm not talking about Cabbage Patch Dolls either,
(although this one's pretty scary) because Cabbage Patch Dolls are more like stuffed animals.

The dolls I'm talking about are the little ones that young girls have and like to use for tea parties and dress up games. Or the ones where the little eyelids go up and down.

Now those are freaking scary. I have always been scared of stuff like that. Even when I was a kid. I wonder where that comes from?

I don't see how people can sleep with dolls in their room either. Seriously, those of you who do or did, how were you not scared? I would still wet my bed if I woke up every morning with this staring at me:

I think it is something about the eyes. They're watching me. Maybe that's it. Maybe I don't like to be looked at. With their beady blank stares. Never blinking, unless you're a Chatty Cathy doll. Was it the Chatty Cathy doll that blinked? Blinking's even worse than a blank stare. And it's always girl dolls. Although here's a scary boy doll:

I guess that's all I really have to say about that. I hope I don't have a girl when I'm married, cause I don't know if I could let her have dolls in the house. And that's not a joke. Am I alone on this, or is it not true that dolls are scary? There's just something about them. Here's some more scary dolls, and a link to the scariest page full of scary dolls. Have fun.

Scary Site

Scariest things on the internet


Jamie said...

I am a pediophobic as well. People have always made fun of me because the fear, and I really hate that. I recovered some repressed memories of some stuff that had to do with dolls. Maybe its the same for you. think real hard.

Sulake corporation said...

Yeah I get freaked out by dolls too. Im a girl and Ive never owned a doll in my life. How can people think dolls arent scary when they have this site as proof? check it out:

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of Robert the Doll? He is said to be haunted for when his owner was an adult,Robert made him sick and drove him mad.

Anyways, I am afraid of dolls that are as big as a little girls. Heard lots of ghost stories involving these dolls. Nice article.

Anonymous said...

when i had dolls and woke up...they were never where i put them

Anonymous said...

I am a clouraphobic..jst the site of clowns scares thats an understatement i will literally start crying and trying to hide..and i once refused to continue a haunted house because there was a room filled with clowns

Ayame Sanders said...

I've never been afraid of Dolls (or ghosts) and I love horror stories about dolls and such. I guess the way you feel about dolls is the way I feel about wasps and bees. I'm seriously thinking about not having flowers when I move out of my parent's house except inside. I hope you find a way to get over this fear, I personally feel safer with dolls in my room when I sleep because when there are dolls demons and spirits would most likely possess them than me, so it's a safety thing with me. Yes I believe in that stuff.

Alexii & Lauraa said...

Me and my bestfrieend HATE china dolls. She has one named after her, Lauraa whenever we put her down somewhere she always seems to move herself or change in a different poistion so we put her away X :L

Anonymous said...

I used to play with those blinking doll[those doll that their eyes are closing and opening] but little by little i started to be scared of them, then,I didn't play with them for years, my mom threw them away[I'm growing up, now I'm 13] and i don't have any of them, i started to watch scary movies about them and reading about them[that they are moving and whispering to ppl things] and now i have phdiophobie, only looking at them on pictures freaking me out.. T^T