Monday, October 08, 2007

Mandy Land

As you can imagine, we had quite an exciting men's group on Friday. We played an intense game of Mandy Land. I'm guessing you've never heard of Mandy Land. That's because we just invented it. I would love to meet the group of guys (if they somewhere exist) who have also played Mandy Land. I imagine they're probably also big fans of Man-Pong.

So you want to know how to play? Okay, here's what you'll need:

1) The game Candy Land.
2) One case of Stroh's or other cheap beer.
3) Two or more friends.
4) Plenty of time to sober up before driving anywhere.

Now you play the game according to Milton Bradley, but with the following Addendums:

1) Decide what "x" equals in amount of drinks to take (e.g. x= 2 drinks).
2) If a player moves ahead 4 places or less, he drinks x.
3) If a player moves ahead 5 places or more, he divvies out x times o (o= the number of opponents). So, four opponents would be 4x (or 8 drinks in our example), which can be passed out in any increment to any number of opponents.
4) If a player gets a double-card, moving ahead by two color pieces, he divvies out 2ox (i.e. 2*4*2= 16).
5) If a player lands on Rainbow Road or Gumdrop Pass, he divvies out 4ox (i.e. 4*4*2= 32).
6) If a player is stuck on a dot, he has to drink x on every turn he doesn't get out (I guess this falls under rule #2, but just to be sure, here it is).
7) If a player draws a card that moves him to a specific candy-region, he must choose one opponent. These two players must go head-to-head in roshambo; best of three. The loser of roshambo must drink 3x. The opponents who did not play roshambo must drink x.
8) When a player wins, the remaining losers must drink the following: 2nd=x, 3rd=2x, 4th=3x, etc.

Well, now you're ready to play your own game of Mandy Land. Brian won our game, cause he's a lucky turd who advanced to Queen Frostine. I may have these rules mixed up a bit, but part of the fun of the game is making up the rules as you go. If anyone else actually tries this, please let me know. Enjoy!


B said...

It HAS to be a good game if it causes 5 guys to polish off a 30 pk of Stroh's and about 5-6 other miscellaneous beers. Mandy Land for the win - funnest drinking game I've ever played.

If you're really brave and you've got a lot of kids games laying around, try Mancentration, Man Pick-Up-Sticks, or Shafts and Ladders... or, um, how about we call it Man Chutes and Ladders.

Shane M. White said...

I have to give this game a try.
THANK YOU for the rules!

"I have a bad feeling about this"

Arthur said...

Bri- I'm glad you brought up Mancentration, because that was almost as fun as Mandy Land. For two players, it probably is more fun. Shafts and Bladders? Maybe? no.

Shane- Seriously let us know if you play. And if you add any more rules. You won't regret it...

Phil said...

I already feel like I missed out on a part of my life not being at Men's Group last Friday. But, it probably wouldn't have happened if I would have been around because it would have been at my house instead of Jon's. Unfortunately, I don't own a Candy Land game...yet.

Joeliver said...

Gettin better with the photo retouching skillz Art!

Arthur said...

Dangit Joel, I'm actually getting worse. I ended up having to do all that in Paint. I suck.

Caleb said...

This sucks, I leave and you guys play Mandyland. Dang it. No English dudes want to play Mandyland. I'm gonna come back and you guys will all be good at Mandyland, and I won't. Dang it. Welp, have fun becoming good at Mandyland art. You are a magnificent bastard.