Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Reason We Hate The Patriots: Running Up The Score?

Bob Kravitz actually wrote an interesting article this morning. He talks about how much we hate the Patriots and focuses on an interesting topic: running up the score.

The only reason I don't like the fact that the Patriots are scoring 100 points per game is that I don't want to see Peyton's single season TD record get broken so soon. By Tom freaking Brady. And at this rate, the only way that won't happen is if our defense takes out a third starting quarterback in a row. I usually don't like to see injuries against our opponents, but in this case, I would love it.

So anyways, it's no secret that some teams are upset and accusing the Patriots of being a classless, scandalous team. You'll get no argument from me, but I'm not sure about the whole running up the score thing. I'm of the opinion that if the other team can't stop you, they deserve to lose by 50 points. Now, if you want to be stupid and leave your franchise quarterback on the field when the game is over, then fine. Be stupid. But I don't think that's bad sportsmanship. It's just dumb.

And in defense of the Patriots, their last game last season ended when they allowed a certain team to come back from 21-3. I'd be focusing on putting games away too, if I were them.

The best part about all of this is a little gem I found in the comments to Kravitz's article. Someone posted a link to a thread from the Patsfans.com website. It's a four page discussion by Patriots fans about how classless the Colts are for running up the score (from 2005). Stupid Pats fans. If there's anything I dislike more than the Patriots, it's someone who actually supports that cheating franchise. Not really, but I want to sound dramatic.

If the Colts lose this Sunday, I hope it's by 50 points. And I hope they leave Brady in the game. And I hope he gets injured. And is out for the rest of the season. Then returns for the playoffs. And loses to the Colts.

Here's the link to the idiot Pats fan thread: idiot Pats fans

Here's the link to Bob Kravitz's article: It's becoming easier to hate the Pats more every week



Caleb said...


I wish you wouldn't have posted that link to the stupid Pats fans thread. I want to punch somebody in the face right now. I'm definitely unlucky that I'm not at home to watch what will certainly be the best game of the entire year, barring an AFC Championship game between the two, and I'm even more unlucky that I won't even get to see the game. I am lucky however, because nobody here cares about football and I don't have to listen, AT ALL, to any stupid Pats fans. Thanks for the boost in my disposition of the Pats; I'll carry it with me this weekend. Yell.. Scream... Go Horse...

scruff said...

i gotta agree with caleb, i almost punched the computer screen. i can't freakin wait for the game this sunday. i hope the colts are ahead in the fourth quarter by 30 and still try to score and give the pats a taste of their own medicine. but that won't happen because we have a classy team! FREAKIN GO COLT!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH

jonathan said...

yesterday, on my lunch break, some idiot in a rodney harrison jersey walked into quizno's.

i kid you not. everyone was giving him the death stare. i think he sensed that he had wandered into a kind of lions' den, so he took his sandwich and promptly departed.

i can't tell you how excited i am to watch the game with everybody on sunday.

GO HORSE!!!!!!!!!

(caleb, don't worry. we will skype you)