Thursday, June 21, 2007

Monkey Business

When I was searching for hippos pooping, I found a few other funny videos and thought I would share. The first video is of a monkey who casually eats his own poop. I think monkeys probably do most things casually, but it looks funny when it's with poop.

Then I found out that this wasn't the only monkey out there eating his poop. The next video is of a monkey who eats his poop, gets sick and pukes it up, then eats his poopy puke. Viewer discretion is advised.

Then those videos reminded me of one of my all time favorites. I remember seeing it before Youtube and all these other great video sharing sites existed. It's of a monkey who smells his own butt and then passes out. Watch his face. It's like for a split second he's amazed at the smell. Classic. "Oh no..."


Chris said...

I had just eaten lunch, and almost couldn't watch those. That is disgusting, somewhat hilarious, and a little sad. Especially for the second monkey. Is it just so mind numbingly bored that it went insane and the only way (in it's insanity) that it could think of to amuse itself was just to poop, eat the poop, and then (why wait for the poop to happen again?) puke it up and eat it again?


Brian said...

I'm afraid of what I'll see next at Life In The Shadows. That was absolutely disgusting... brilliant!

Hey, I just noticed if you rearrange the word 'brilliant', you get 'Brian lilt' (or 'Brian till').

Arthur said...

Yeah, sorry for the raunchiness on the blog lately. I'm not sure what happened. All I wanted was some hippos pooping. I think I'm gonna throw in one more crazy animal video tomorrow and then be done with it.

Brian said...

By all means, keep it up. Maybe you will become the utmost authority on nasty animal videos.

Here's my next request: awesome videos of leopards killing gazelles or crocodiles killing wildabeasts or snakes killing sharks or whatever you can find. Make it good.

You don't have to do that if you don't want to, but I love those videos. It can just be more poop stuff if you want.

Arthur said...

I think I could come up with something there. But I'm definitely not going to keep this up. It's just nice to do when I don't have time to do a real blog post.