Friday, June 22, 2007

Battle at Kruger and Pissed Off Leopard

Alright, this is just because Brian requested it. Here are some animals attacking things. The first one is long, but worth the time. It's of a pack (pride?) of lions hunting a small buffalo. The buffalo's herd fights back, including one particular buffalo who is a stud. There's also a cameo by a couple of alligators who try to steal the lion's catch. This really is an amazing video.

The second video is just of a leopard who gets pissed off and fights back.


B said...

That's EXACTLY what I wanted to see. My coworkers and I were all huddled around my computer watching those videos. Those tourists happened to get footage that the pros spend months trying to get.

Right after the video I was like "dude, that wouldn't have happened if those were leopards, because leopards are crazy". Than I saw the second video and it proved me right.

Chris said...

Awesome clips.

I kind of see the first one as a metaphor for what can happen when a community acts as one in the interest of the good of them all, instead of running away as individuals from a threat.

The problem is that I don't know anyone who has the time and energy to act like a community the way these buffalo did, which is why I left and moved away from the lions (as best I could). And will have to move again in 20 years when the lions have found me out.

Plus these buffalo didn't have to wait for the lions to pounce once the lions showed what their intentions were. They rooted them out and chased them away, which no amount of community could do unless it were in the old west (which I wish it were)...

B said...

Ok John Nash.

I believe he stated that you should act in the best interest of the group AND yourself. Governing Dynamics dude, duh.