Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How Great Commenting Can Enhance Your Viewing Pleasure

Today I have two seemingly unrelated videos to share with you. One is from a high school football game in 1994; the other from a local newscast. How could they possibly be related?

When I first watched these videos, I immediately knew they were great. Then when I started thinking about why, I realized that it wasn't because of the video footage itself. It was because of the people commenting on the video. If you mute either one of these, you will immediately loose 65% of your viewing pleasure.

The first video is from the 1994 Plano East- John Tyler football game. It's an amazing comeback and I'm sure most of you have probably seen it before. When you watch it this time through, pay attention to the commentators. They remind me a bit of ol' Slick Leonard. See if you can pick out these gems: "Attababy!" "Dadgummit." "Good-gosh Almighty!" and of course, "I done wet ma britches!" Be sure to watch this video to the end, it's awesome.

Then in this next video we see a local news crew doing a segment about a fashion show in Paris. During the show, one of the models stumbles and falls. I admit, that can be funny. But what makes this hilarious is listening to these two guys laugh at her fall.

I promise you cannot watch this entire video, with the sound on, and not laugh by the end of it. I would even argue that you could probably close your eyes and just listen to them laugh, and it would make you laugh. They just have that perfect laugh, which is indescribably contagious. I've watched it five times in a row now and laughed every time. Just see for yourself.

Ah man, that's good stuff.


Brian said...

That is one of the best laughs I've ever heard. Speaking of, that is a nice top fiver: 5 greatest laughs of all time. Would Letterman be on there? Oh, you know who would definitely be on there? Gimli.

jonathan said...

Oh my gosh. That football video was hilarious. I didn't see that run-back coming AT ALL. The commentator was like, "No. Nooo. NOOOOOO."

That was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Arthur said...

Bri- That's actually a good idea. You could show like the top 5 real laughs, then find actors who actually come close or something. Whatever.

Jon- I love at the end, right before it cuts out when he says, "God bless those kids- I am sick, I'm gonna throw up." I wish NFL announcers would talk like that.