Friday, July 13, 2007

Mario Line Rider

Today's Friday fun features one of my favorite pastimes: Super Mario Brothers, combined with one of my favorite new online fun-times: Line Rider. If you're an old school Mario Brothers fan, you'll love this. At least I did. And I like how at the very end, the line rider guy ends up in the castle. Sweet.


B said...

I'm guessing he spent 60 hours on that. He could've had a lvl70 Blood Elf Pally in full tier 6 in that amount of time. Of course, his wife would appreciate the line rider video more than the WoW toon I'm sure. Good decision.

Arthur said...

It only takes 60 hours to get a lvl70 Blood Elf Pally in full tier 6? Dude, count me in! I've probably spent 60 hours watching line rider videos already.