Friday, March 30, 2007

Peyton Manning and United Way- SNL Skit

I'm sure you've all seen this skit by now, especially those of you who live in Indy. A friend of mine from Florida recently sent it to me saying, "So you have probably seen this, but I thought you should know to keep your kids away from Peyton Manning."

Then I realized how ironic this whole skit is, becuase this is actually how we raise our kids here in Indiana. I'm sure this particular skit was funny in New York, California and Florida, but it was completely lost on the folks from Indiana. After that segment aired on Saturday night, the entire state (and parts of northern Kentucky) said, "I don't get it."

I informed my friend of this fact, and he replied, "So there are lots of kids running around with Peyton Manning tattoos?"

I answered: "Kids?"



tickler said...

We still need to get the Super Bowl on DVD so that we can have everyone over to our house again for the "First Annual Semi-annual Betwixt the Super Bowl and Regular Season Opener Super Bowl Fiesta" sponsored by Tostitos and Shrot's. Then afterward we'll pack into a minivan and go downtown and J. can crank up the stereo and we'll have the megaphone and I. will fly in from AK and J. (despite being newly-hitched) will fly in from TX. We may even make another appearance on Wish TV 8 news, lofting our inflatable Colts helmets, knocking strangers over and getting hit by cars.


Arthur said...

Dude, we've definitely already got the DVD, all we need now is to set the date. I'm totally there.


tickler said...

Did you get it on DVD? I got a Colts DVD for $17.99 at Walmart that I thought was the Super Bowl but it was just a recap of the whole season and postseason. Definitely cool, but not what I thought it was.