Thursday, November 10, 2005

Note to Self: Please Read in 10 Years

Dear Me,

I am writing this so that in ten years you will remember what happened. I am assuming by now you are rich beyond your wildest dreams and have about 8 kids. Good work my friend. I trust they are all from the same mother. How's Kyle doing?

This note is to remind you how to score points with your wife of ten years now. Remember the day you guys were coming home from church (her church by the way, you're so PW), and she wanted some Long's Donuts, but you weren't a big fan and didn't really want any? You decided to go get some anyways, but upon seeing the line you complained again. Somehow this tiny little decision turned into a big argument between you and your loving wife, and you were dumbfounded as to how it could turn into such a thing.

Of course it was not your fault (as you well know, because it never is), but instead of trying to prove your point to those who will never understand (namely, everyone except for you), you decided to humble yourself. After dropping her off to do some homework, you snuck back to the bakery and bought a few precious donuts. Your loving wife was so surprised and happy that she forgot all about her previous (unwarranted) anger and dove into the sweet doughy deliciousness that is Long's Donuts.

Remember this small act and how it scored big points on the eternal tab being kept by your wife. Don't forget that it is better to shut up and do what she wants than to try to prove why she is wrong.


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