Friday, November 11, 2005

I Got My Ass Kicked Last Night

Recently I bought a new house. New to me, but the thing is old. So we're completely re-doing the kitchen, which is exciting and fun. My job is to gut the place, which is also fun. I get to tear out cabinets and ceilings and floors and all. So last night I got started on some of that. A couple friends showed up to help, which I'm very thankful for and is one of the benefits of living in a community.

So anyways, the house definitely fought back. First I was tearing out some cabinets along one of the walls, and I swear I turned off the power to the electrical stuff on that side. Well, I guess I didn't and I freaking electrocuted myself on one of the live wires. That really sucks. Seriously, I hate that feeling. My teeth are still chattering. Not to mention, I felt stupid. I've still got a little mark on my wrist were it shocked me. It felt similar to when we all grabbed the electric fence out at the Curry farm. A little stronger though.

Then when I was chipping some tiles off of the wall, a tiny ceramic splinter dug into my pinky. I didn't find it till later that night, after the skin had already started to heal over it. So I had to perform minor surgery with a thumb tack.

Then the worst was when I was under the sink, trying to take it apart. A tiny speck of something fell into my eye and wouldn't come out. I didn't think it was that bad when it happened, but last night was freaking miserable. Everytime I closed my eyelid, it would rub against my eye. I couldn't get it out for the life of me. I ended up having to hold the eyelid up a little bit while I slept, and that somehow worked. I was hoping it would work itself to the corner of my eye overnight, but it didn't. So then all day today my eye was driving me crazy. Seriously, there's not much worse than a tiny something that constantly pecks away at you. Especially in the eye. I think I would literally go insane if I had to go through another night of it. Well, luckily I finally got fed up and went to the bathroom determined to get it out. I ended up having to fold my eyelid inside-out and finally found the speck. It took about two full minutes of scraping around in there before I finally got it out. That stupid little thing was the size of a pinhead, if not smaller. It looked like a speck of metal though, so that explains the sharp pain. Now my eye's swole and I feel like I just got in a fight. And lost.

So anyways, I feel all beat up today and I'm a little afraid of going over there to finish up. Anyone have any good tips on removing linoleum?

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