Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Movie Review: Thor

You may be thinking, "How can you be writing a review about a movie that hasn't come out yet?" The answer is: I won tickets to a pre-screening of Thor! Suckers!

No, but really, I got to go to a screening of Thor last night. Here's a few things I learned if you ever get tickets to see a blockbuster movie before it's actually released:

1) Get there early. They overbooked the theater, so even though people had tickets, a lot of them didn't get in. Below is a fuzzy picture of the people who didn't get in. I heard there was over 77 of them.

2) Media-types get the best seats in the house. The best three rows in the theater were all reserved for the media. Ah well.

3) Movie theater security guys live for these nights. Seriously. Our security guy was a super hero himself that night: directing traffic, giving speeches, and threatening patrons with obscure theater laws.

4) You can't take pictures in the theater. Apparently, there's a $25,000 fine. Even if nothing is up on the screen and the photo is taken of the audience. And you can't see anything in the photo.

5) Oscar the Grouch t-shirts are unbelievably awesome. See above (click picture for close-up).

Thor Review:

I'm not a movie buff by any means, but I watch a ton of movies and know a good movie when I see one. Thor was a lot of fun and is pretty much everything you might expect of a comic book movie.

I should mention that I know nothing of the history of Thor; either from Norse Mythology or comic book lore. So, my take on this movie will probably differ greatly from anyone who goes into it with these predispositions. (Kind of like how I ripped apart Prince Caspian because it butchered the book version)

Here's just a quick list of things that stood out to me:

1) The comic relief in this movie is well done. It doesn't feel forced and isn't over the top and for the most part it is actually funny.

2) Stan Lee's cameo was a sweet addition.

3) Anthony Hopkins is awesome, especially with a golden eye-patch.

4) They did a good job of giving enough background to tell the story. The story is easy to follow and could've been bogged down with details.

I really only had two complaints. The first complaint is that I officially do not like 3D. It was cool in Avatar and can work in animated movies, but it adds absolutely nothing to a movie like Thor. There may have been two scenes where there was a broad background and it was neat to feel the depth of the scene. Other than that, it was just a nuisance. Action scenes are difficult to follow and it just gets annoying. I hope 3D is a novelty that eventually wears off, because it seemed like it made this movie worse. If you haven't seen the movie yet, just see it in IMAX or whatever. Don't waste your money on 3D.

The other thing that didn't make sense to me had to do with the story line. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT. So there's the rainbow road and everybody is running around it the whole movie. Then at the end, apparently it's extremely dangerous if you fall off of this road. What? Shouldn't they have built a railing or something? And aren't they gods anyway? Then when Loki does fall off, he just appears again at the end of the movie. So either Loki has some magic that prevents him from forever floating through the universe, or falling off of this ledge isn't as permanent as they make it look. Just seemed like a weak way to end the battle or whatever.

So there's my two cents on Thor. Lastly, a big thanks to The Film Yap for giving away the free tickets. Also to Indianapolis Bloggers for bringing my attention to the contest.

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