Friday, June 20, 2008

Dream Interpretation

**UPDATE: Did you just wake up from a crazy poop dream and want to know what in the world it means? Well, you've come to the right place my friend. Read on. And be sure to share your crazy poop dream in the comments.

First, the dream:

I am at a large party in an unfamiliar house filled with a few friends, but mostly strangers. All of a sudden, I get a case of the runs and need to find a restroom. The first one I come to is occupied. Oh no.

So I start freaking out, quickly hobbling through this strange house, looking for a bathroom. I'm afraid to ask, because I'm embarrassed. Finally, I come across a strange room covered in pink carpet. Along the right hand side of the wall, is a shiny white toilet. The toilet is immaculate. Here's a crappy MSPaint, just so you can get an idea of what the room looked like:

I slam the door and plop down on the toilet. As I look in my pants, I notice that I crapped them. Then I hear the sound of a woman clearing her throat in annoyance. It's coming from around the corner, kind of behind the toilet. I glance behind me.

The room opens into a large meeting area, where a group of about twelve older women are having some kind of discussion. They all stare at me with pursed lips of disapproval.

My mind races to think of the appropriate thing to say in a situation like this. I am at a loss for words. One by one, the women file out of the room, each one glaring at me in my shame as they pass by. I mumble a few apologies, without looking up at them.

After they have left, I get another sick feeling in my stomach and feel like I'm going to puke. I open my mouth and a turd starts to slowly make its way out. I'm not sure what to do, so I just put my hands out and catch it.

Then I have to go back to the party and I'm worried about my breath smelling like crap. Then I wake up.

The Anal-ysis:

Obviously, after a dream like that, I woke up saying, "What the heck was that?!" So I did a little research. Which means, I Googled "Poop Dreams." The results were disappointing.

There are a few sites where you can just type in a word, and they'll give you a generalized interpretation. For instance, poop in your dreams may mean the following:

1) Certain aspects of your life may be dirty and negative.
2) You view something in your life as repulsive and undesirable.
3) Freud connects feces with money, possession, pride and shame (not sure how that works).

So the best I could do, is look up various things that I saw in my dream and combine them to come up with the best interpretation. Here are the words I looked up and their meaning (along with "poop" above):

To dream that you are embarrassed, signifies hidden weaknesses, fears and lack of self-confidence. This dream also suggests of insecurities about your sexuality.

To see a woman in your dream, represents nurturance, passivity, caring nature, and love. It refers to your own female aspects or may also represent your mother. Alternatively, it may indicate temptation and guilt.

To see an old woman in your dream, indicates aging and growing old.

To see a group of women talking in your dream, refers to some gossip.

To see a toilet in your dream, symbolizes a release of emotions or getting rid of something in your life that is useless. If you are cleaning the toilet, then it means that you are starting to shed your shell or lose your inhibitions.

Put that all together, and you get this interpretation of my crappy dream: I have a hidden weakness and fear of something in my life that I find repulsive and undesirable. I'm trying to get rid of it, but those who are supposed to help nurture and love me are instead growing old and gossiping.

So the question is, can dreams really help us understand something we're struggling with, or did I just have a crazy dream? I tend to lean toward the latter, but perhaps I shouldn't be so flip about my dreams. Did you know that your brain waves are more active when you dream than when you are awake? It's true!

Anyways, there's some food for thought. I really just wanted an excuse to tell about my crazy dream.

Just for fun, I decided to join a forum to see what others could come up with for my dream. If you're interested in following the discussion, here's the thread: Poop Mouth.

Props to this site for all of the dream info: Dream Moods


jonathan said...

I find the pink carpet and elderly women holding a meeting most awkward and disturbing. Very vivid descriptions.

Dave said...

Well... your MSpaint is pretty epic. And thats a pretty messed up dream arthur.

Arthur said...

Jonathon- Yeah, I agree about the carpet. It was that real soft, comfortable shag type carpet. And a brighter pink than my picture.

Dave- Thanks for the comment. I'm quite proud of the picture.

Chris said...

Art, here is my off the top of my head interpretation of your dream, just for grins. I haven't read the official interpretation yet, wanted to get mine out without being influenced by the others:

The "runs" represents very sudden urges, desires or needs that you may feel, and know you have to relieve or fulfill, but you feel very little or no real control over them.

Some of your friends might be in similar situations, but mostly this is unfamiliar territory for you, and you feel embarrassed to talk about it and afraid to ask for help.

The occupied bathroom represents your usual support systems in life, which since you are embarrassed, you are unable to utilize, and therefor you go in search of an alternative.

You finally come upon a solution, that seems as if it would fulfill your needs. The actual instrument of this fulfillment is at first glance absolutely perfect (signified by the immaculate shiny white toilet) but the situation around it is less than ideal. The pink carpet is soft and welcoming, seductive in a way, but if you really stop to think about it you know that pink carpet does not belong around the toilet. Pink, while comforting, is a tone of red, which is a warning color that usually means "stop" or "danger".

Instead of investigating the situation as you know you should, you choose to indulge in this realistically bad solution, and now you exacerbate the problem.

It's interesting to me that your problem solved itself in your search for a solution. The worst thing that could have happened actually did happen, and really, it wasn't so bad. You were not alarmed at all by the fact that you soiled your pants. There is absolutely no relief in this instrument that you supposed would solve all of your problems, and immediately after you utilize it, you find that not only did it not solve your problems, but in fact, it made them much much worse.

The second you use your supposed solution, you find out that not only was your problem alerady solved, but that this new solution caused an even worse problem of it's own.

You have been caught in your sin. 12 is an interesting number and I find it odd that you remember that so clearly. If it had been men I would have supposed it to be shame you feel for your sin as a result of guilt in reference to church. However, because they are women, and because of the pink carpet, I have some other thoughts on this. It's almost as if you were going to another woman to fulfill whatever need/desire (this doesn't by any means have to be sexual) and it was unfortunately inappropriate.

The number 12, because of my Christian upbringing, makes me think of the church, and the fact that they are women makes me think they are matriarchs, or saints, females who perhaps tasked with keeping watch over the woman, or womankind in general.

They know what you have done, and you know what you have done. They disapprove of what you have done, and you are convicted by them. You know your misdeeds, and know there is no adequate excuse, and therefor have nothing to say.

Despite not having to go anymore and already being exposed in front of them, you stay. Which shows that while you feel remorse, you are unrepentant. So, their task ruined, they have no more business there, and leave.

You don't look at them, but imagine that they are glaring at you and feel all the more ashamed. You half heartedly go through the motions of repentance without actually doing the work of changing your actions.

Once you are left alone, you still don't leave. You become so full of your need and desire, which can not be filled by the instrument you chose, that it starts manifesting in ways it is not supposed to.

You are so consumed with your guilt and sin that you are unable to rejoin your friends for fear of being caught (you're worried about your breath smelling like crap).

Um... ok, that's it. So... I have no idea what your dream means. Now I'll go back and read the interpretation you came up with. I'm sure it's nothing like mine, or you wouldn't have posted it, because mine implies your are sinning in some way, and possibly in reference to women. Another, and probably more likely, interpretation is that you feel ashamed of some completely natural need or problem that you have and afraid to be open about it and ask for help from your usual support system, and are afraid that if you do seek help, you will be looked down on with disgust (maybe you have athlete's foot and are embarrassed and now it has spread to your crotch. Art, for Pete's sake, just go to the doctor.)

Anyhoo, this was a fun distraction. Thanks for posting!

Oh, and if you don't like my interpretations, feel free to delete them. They are kind of... negative...

Chris said...

A couple of thoughts here on the general lessons that can be taken away from my rather bleak and hopeless interpretation of the dream:

The actual thing we are afraid of happening, when it actually happens, is hardly ever quite as bad as we imagined it was going to be.

The more we try and cover a problem up, the worse it gets.

We always suppose we are the only one going through, or has ever gone through, anything. We also fear that everyone else will look down on us. Most of the time, when someone else is looking down on you, it is really because they are afraid of what they see of you in themselves.

Next time, let a friend know about the problem. When you start asking for help, usually you can find a better solution. If a friend had found that toilet with you, they would have spotted the old women immediately, and instead of what you ended up with, you would have just ended up with some soiled pants and that's it...

Sorry, I'll shut up now. I really enjoy dreams and trying to interpret them.

Chris said...

Ok, as briefly as I could, here is my alternate take on this dream:

I actually think that the shame and guilt and misdeed were actually false. As in, you didn't necessarily actually do anything wrong, but rather, a natural thing happened that you had little control over, and because of that you felt ashamed. This could in some way be related to your mother, or a matronly figure, and guilt you felt because they inappropriately dealt with the situation.

Instead of having mercy on you in your weakness, they scoffed at you and made you feel shame, which you did feel in spades, even though perhaps you really had not actually "sinned" but rather it was an uncomfortable situation that they made worse by scorning you instead of taking pity on you.

The pink carpet could represent you searching for a soft place to go to with your problem, but instead of receiving comfort and relief in that place, the soft place instead rejected you and scorned you (you soiled yourself instead of the soft place, and then the soft place made you feel terrible and walked out on you).

It's as if you, as a two year old just finishing diaper training messed your pants and went to you mother. In that situation, you should not feel embarrassed, unless your mother were to make a big deal about how disgusting and dirty it was, and make a show of cleaning it up. Making you feel like you had done something evil, when really, you were just doing what is natural for a child.

The poop coming out of your mouth I'm not sure about. It could be that what you went to the soft place with was some sort of "secret" or something that you needed to release. Like, let's say the soft place represented your wife or mother, and you told her something that was really embarrassing for you to admit, and you made yourself very vulnerable doing it. If she didn't act as a soft place for you, but instead was disgusted, then that would really make sense in this setting. Especially if she told her mother/friends/whoever and scorned you for it. This would make you feel as if anything you might have to say was garbage (poop coming from your mouth) and worry that others would react the same way as she did (your breath would stink).

So maybe this dream wouldn't even represent something happening in your life right now. It could be your subconscious reliving a painful experience from child-hood or teen years. Maybe representing a time when you were in a new place, and made yourself vulnerable to an unfamiliar person whom you hoped you could trust, and they made you feel bad and insecure for what you said.

Or maybe it could even just represent you admitting to your friends that you like queernoff and they make fun of you and ridicule you and even though you laugh, it still hurts that they do it, and then you're afraid to bring up that men's group ballet trip you always wanted to take. lol. idk. I'm not a psychologist...

If it's really something you want to explore, my Mom (a therapist) would be more than happy to talk to you about it. She's actually know what she's talking about, whereas, I'm just a guy with a keyboard and an internet connection...

Arthur said...

Man, your interpretations are pretty amazing. I'm sure people would pay you to interpret their dreams. You should look in to doing that online as a part-time gig. I'm pretty sure I came across a site that offers up dream interpretors for a fee. You should try to get on there.

Having said that, I honestly can't think of where either of those would apply right now. They definitely could for things in my past. I honestly didn't think much of the dream when it happened, other than "Thank God that was a dream" and "I can't wait to blog about that one." I pretty much just laughed it off.

So, that's why my original question is pretty much where I'm stuck. Is there actually any real value in looking closely at dreams? How do you know what you should pay attention to, or what's just the mind unwinding?

I'm not sure if it matters, as I'm guessing everyone will have a different opinion on this. Anyways, it was fun to hear some interpretations of this crazy one. I might actually be interested in an "official reading" of this dream, but I still think I'd be skeptical of it's worth.

Chris said...

Dreams are so important. They are everywhere in the Bible.

Joseph was told to mary Mary in a dream, when warned by a dream took Jesus and Mary to Egypt, and told in a dream to bring them back.

Pharaoh dreamed two dreams which Joseph interpreted the correctly and saved Egypt from devastating drought.

Acts 2:17: "...your old men shall dream dreams"

There are 89 occurrences of the word "dream" in the bible.

I used to have a lot of dreams when I was little. Fr. J always told me that if a dream stuck particularly clearly in my mind and had some sort of cohesive clarity to it, and felt significant to me, it might be important. I guess Ken Jensen had a gift for dream interpretation, although I never had him interpret and of mine.

Dreams can be warnings from God. They can embody certain fears we have (as yours may have). They can be rehashing some prominent past experience we had that we may or may not have forgotten about (as yours may have). They can be our mind trying to make us come face to face with a situation we are trying to ignore/not think about (as yours may have).

Or they can just be random crap as a result of the movie we saw and bad day we had and conversation we had and whatever else was happening that day/week. Sometimes you can wake up having had a really weird dream and be able to peg exactly where each element of the dream came from if you think about it enough. Sort of like our brain taking a dump and we see all the crap that's been building up...

Chris said...

Oh, and by the way, thanks for your compliments. I think it's fun to try and psychoanalyze people/dreams, and I seriously considered being a psychologist or psychiatrist at one point (and even now occasionally consider getting some sort of therapy degree). The only reason I didn't/don't is because it's easier to write computer code, and much less stressful/uncomfortable...

One last thing. Fr. J always told me that the dreamer is usually the best interpreter of their dream. I don't really know why that is. Maybe that they are the only one with all of the information about the dream, and maybe because they are the only one that can identify if the interpretation is correct or not (which maybe means they already know what it means sub-consciously, they just don't have the words/power to sort it out/express it).

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris I have a dream or two for you to interpret :)

Anonymous said...

Should I just post it here?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, post your dream here and we can all help interpret it for you. It'll be fun! :D

Anonymous said...

hahaha this is true! Ok I dream alot!! But I will share a short one. I was in a computer lab working on some kind of research or something. I saw an old friend I grew up with on my block and greeted her with excitement from where I was. Then to my left I noticed a black woman with a toddler and a baby.I remember thinking the babies face look so familiar to me. then in front of me were a group of younger black women. I had the impression that they were well educated and high class. There conversation sounded work related.

Then I went home and the apartment felt like it was mine but it did not look like my apt. I found feces all over the living room floor. And I sensed it was from an animal (a cat but it looked more like it came from a human lol) There was also cat food and water in the same area as the feces. Instead of cleaning it up I walked into what seemed like my patio/sunroom. The walls were made of glass windows and I was completely naked!!! I knew people could see me from the other side but I did not care.

miz jay beezie said...

Ok, so I'm looking up poop dreams because I have had 3 in the last 2 nights, and never have before had a dreaqm about poop. So here's the first: I'm on the toilet (at somebodys house I don't know or don't know well, and there are a group of people in the house I also don't know ...maybe a party?)and I push out a normal firm poop, then I go to push again and its a HUGE loose stool that fills up the toilet and comes gushing out of the sides of the toilet and ontop of my legs. It is almost clear, like yellowish and I'm discusted and imbarrased and try to clean it off with tissue, then I wake up. My seccond dream: I am on the toilet and start to attempt to poop. Its very hard and hurts and I grunt and push and finally push out a huge poop, its almost comming to the top of the toilet. I really want to show someone but its very unsightly and stinks, then I start thinking maybe it was a homeless person that pooped before I went to the bathroom. Then I dream that my best guy friend posted 2 pictures of his poop on facebook. And I couldn't understand why. all this poop in my dreams, what in the world is going on??

miz jay beezie said...

Btw that picture was totally awesome, arthur! I laughed out loud literally.

aleya trace said...

hey guys,ive been browsing my desktop for an hour just to know the meaning of my dream last night its quite amazing i relly need your help for this please.....i dream that i was in a class im not really sure if its a classroom but according to its appearance i belive it is or else its a meeting place we wer discussing something then suddenly i was sitting in a chair then it appears to be toilet bowl which is close and even a woman is there beside me who intentionally cover the bowl so my shit comes on top of it instead of inside and for my surprise and with so much disgrace i pick it up with a little tissue papers that i swa somewhere,i dont even have enough tissue papes to clean it up and myself then i wake up..,its confusing i know that it has something to do with what is happening in my life now..please..interpret my dreams for me...honestly im in the midst of making decisions now..i will tell the story after hearing form u guys..thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

I had already graduated school months ago, but I had a dream that I was somehow still there. So I recognize familiar faces in the classroom and I see the man my dreams ago.I'm so irrevocably with. He hardly notices me which is odd. So the class is all seated at their desks taking a test and then... I poop my pants. People notice.the smell, look my direction and of course immediately know its me. I die of embarrassment but my crush doesn' one bit. He's completely ok with it and just finds a way to help. K so my interpretation of the dream is that everyone notices all the imperfections and bad things about me and accounts me for them only. But the guy I like is.completely ok with it, not all all fazed by them at all. Hehe. -hopeless.

Anonymous said...

I dreamt that I was somewhat choking and soft poop came out of my mouth. I don't remember anything else. But I did wake up with a nasty taste in my mouth! Yuck!

Koree said...

I dreamt that I was somewhat choking and soft poop came out of my mouth. I don't remember anything else, but I did wake up with a nasty taste in my mouth. Yuck! It felt too real! Any ideas as to what it might of meant? Anybody?!

Cal said...

Koree- I think it typically means there's something in your life that you are repulsed by and you subconsciously want to get rid of it.

But, who knows for sure? Good luck!

Jose Ramos said...

Chris that was amazing. I just had that dream. Shitting my pants. Didn't understand it. Never had a dream like it.
It's funny, I just got back a phone call from a producer about a project i'm working on about psychotherapy. I may be able to use your help, not to mention all the weird dreams I have. If you would like to stay in contact. Please send me an e-mail to
Maybe I'm "shitting my pants about taking this project!" Or maybe something greater. I don't think this was an accident.
And yes, I believe God speaks to us in dreams...

Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

What does this mean: dream about pooping in someone's house restroom that is connected to their bedroom while they are sleeping, then they wake and it feels like they are watching you wipe but you can see them walking around outside the window?

Also, do know this person in real life. A work acquaintance....not a close relationship. The acquaintance is the opposite sex. And when they are sleeping, their spouse is there sleeping as well.

Carpet cleaning in Epsom said...

Dream interpretations are cool!

Hummingbird said...

I had a dream that I was sitting on a toilet pooping in a bathroom with glass walls, I went to wipe & realized there wasn't any toilet paper just newspapers so I used one to wipe & didn't get it all so I stood up to wipe with more & was having a hard time since I had black leggings, a black & white long dress & a long winter coat on, all of a sudden I saw a bunch of highschool students were coming into the attached classroom which also had floor to ceiling glass walls.I quick Sat back on the toilet & waited till the principal (who is actually my kids principal ) lookeduickest my way & I motioned I didn't know what to do,he quickly ushered the students out in the hall before they noticed me.I also remember seeing a girl uhdressed in blue sitting at a school desk

Hummingbird said...

Anyone have an interpretation?

Dream Interpreter said...


The toilet/pooping represents something in your life that you are ashamed about. The glass walls mean that although you try to hide this, you feel that it is obvious to others and that you are fairly transparent. The black and white and long winter coat mean that although some may could think whatever you are hiding is some kind of societal norm, to you it is an obvious "wrong" (i.e. a "black and white" issue). High school students because you've probably been carrying around this shame since high school and that was when you were first afraid of what your peers would think. Again, glass walls because they can see right through you. Principal, because some type of authority figure is who you thought and wanted to protect you, though in real life they probably didn't (probably a parent). The girl undressed in blue was you.

Hummingbird said...

Thanks you, sounds like a good interpretation, I have alot of in detail dreams.

Hummingbird said...

Ok, last night, I dreamed that my 9 yr.old Siamese cat pooped under the dining table & I said "are you kidding me?! "- next I was filling cups with water from the kitchen sink & it was coming out murky, milky blue. I'd love your take on that one!

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