Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dramatic Chipmunk and Dramatic Lemur

Surely by now you've all seen the "Dramatic Chipmunk" (or prairie dog). If for some insane reason you haven't, here's pretty much the original:

Dramatic Chipmunk

I swear it's funny every time. So then, as you no doubt know, this thing has gone viral and people have added their own spins to it. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Dr. Evil Dramatic Chipmunk

Dramatic Chipmunk CURSES!

There are hundreds of them and most are pretty funny. Well, the other day I came across another hilarious "dramatic" animal. I guess it's not all that funny, but for some reason I seriously laughed out loud in a room all by myself. That happens almost never, so I figured I should share. Be sure you have the sound up for this one. Oh man, this cracks me up.

Dramatic Lemur


Brian said...

I had never seen this. I can always count on LITS to open my eyes to a new world of video goodness. And the lemer made me to one of those laughs where I didn't make any noise buy my body rocked in my chair and I just exhaled loudly.

I love the Kill Bill one, but I don't know if it beats CURSES!

Brian said...

You know what I was trying to say.

Arthur said...

Dangit dude, that's hilarious, cause I originally had the Kill Bill one in here, but opted for Dr. Evil instead. Kill Bill is definitely one of the better ones. Good call.