Friday, January 11, 2008

The 2007 NFL Playoffs: Some Final Thoughts (and more reasons we hate the Patriots)

Well, the playoffs are underway and I haven't said much about the Colts in a while.

This weekend we play San Diego. The scary thing here is that if we're being honest, we actually expect the Colts to win this game. Remember how in last year's playoffs we kept waiting for the defense to screw it up for us? Now we actually expect to win. That means if we lose, I'll be extra upset dangit.

The other scary thing is looking at this bit of history:

2004- Pittsburgh goes 15-1, gets the #1 seed and loses in the AFC Championship game to New England (who goes on to win Super Bowl).

2005- Indianapolis goes 13-0, finishes 14-2, gets the #1 seed and loses in the Divisional round to Pittsburgh (who goes on to win Super Bowl). Pittsburgh had a bit of a letdown year after their 15-1 season, but finished strong to win everything.

2006- San Diego goes 14-2, dominating everyone throughout the year and clinching the #1 seed. They lose to New England, who goes on to get their posteriors handed to them in the AFC Championship game after blowing a 21-6 halftime lead to the Colts. The Colts had a bit of a letdown year after their 14-2 season, but turn it up in the playoffs and go on to win the Super Bowl (GO HORSE!).

So if history were to repeat itself, we would see San Diego beat the Colts, then go into New England and beat the hottest team of the year and win their Super Bowl. Then New England would come back next year and beat whoever the hottest team next year is, and so on.

Unfortunately (for Chargers fans), I seriously doubt that will happen. Maybe next year.

As far as the Jacksonville vs. New England game, I think I really do want the Patriots to win. I know, that probably sounds retarded and I need to be careful what I wish for and all that garbage, but seriously, who wants to see San Diego (or Colts) vs. Jacksonville in the AFC Championship Game? Not me. As much as I hate New England, I love the rivalry and even if we lose, it just adds to the fun of it all (in the future). So, hopefully New England wins, but I would not be the least bit surprised if Jacksonville pulls off an upset.

I realize I haven't mentioned the NFC teams at all. That's because nobody cares. Except for Brett Favre. Hopefully Green Bay makes it to the Super Bowl.

Now, I have a bit to say about this 2007 New England Patriot team. First of all, I hate you. I hate that Tom Brady broke Peyton's record and that the team went 16-0. Man, I really hate that. I hate that they're a part of "history," albeit with an asterisk. I hate that the rest of their sorry division went a combined 12-36. I hate that they beat the Colts this year. And I hate that they cheat. And I really hate that Belichick was named "Coach of the Year" (add another asterisk).

Riddle me this. How can you possibly name a man guilty of violating NFL rules the coach of the year? Seriously! How? It boggles the mind! That literally disgusts me. What kind of freaking message are you sending to young fans (or anyone for that matter)? This man was caught cheating. This year. How can you possibly name him coach of the year? That would be like if soMeonE weRe a linebackeR usIng steriods and that Man were nAmed defeNsive player of the year. Oh...wait.

The only consolation is that this award is handed out by 50 media members. 35 of which live in the New England area. 29 of which voted for Belichick. So, who cares.

So to sum up the season: Great year for the Colts, Patriots are lucky cheaters and we all hate them. Brett Favre rules.


Jonathan said...

i actually randomly visiteD yoUr dormaNt bloG todaY to read your poSt about the Hockey trip frOm last year, in anticipation for next weekend; bUt what did my meddLing eyes finD in tHe meAntime? a cleVEr neW post abOut the iNdy Colts in the pOstseAson! the CHargers are a tOugh matchup, but i think we can pull it oFf. sTill, tHis timE of YEAR can be a little nerve-racking...

...but also the most exciting for Colts fans...

(i'm sorry i stole your clever idea. imitation is the highest form of flatulance...or something like that....)

GO HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Scruff said...

dude, you got it EXACTLY right. those are all my thoughts exactly. i was thinking the same thing about the belicheat and winning COY. apparantly it's ok to cheat. also, i've been saying the whole season that if the colt's don't make it to the super bowl (Heaven forbid) I would give anything to see Favre win it. Favre's gotta be one of the classiest, respectable quarterbacks to ever play the game. GO COLTS AND PACKERS!!! get hyped for the hockey trip!!!!!!

Jesse said...

"So to sum up the season: Great year for the Colts, Patriots are lucky cheaters and we all hate them. Brett Favre rules."

Absolutely perfect.

Arthur said...


FUDGE!!! Dangit. Oh well,
Go Green Bay!!!