Monday, September 24, 2007

Colts Win, Go 3-0

Before we get all giddy about the Colts winning another divisional road game and going 3-0, let's look at the bad side. Freaking special teams. The worst thing about that stupid opening kick return was that it came after an offsides penalty on the kickoff. Offsides? On a kickoff? I mean, seriously. What the heck! That was terrible. Another stupid penalty against our defense when Houston was facing 4th and 1 led to points on the board.

Houston is good this year. Imagine this scenario: Colts home game against defending champion, oh let's say Patriots. Marvin Harrison is out with an injury. Then Ben Utecht goes down with a separated shoulder. Then Gonzalez dislocates a finger and Jeff Saturday gets a knee sprain. Then Addai goes out in the second quarter with a knee problem and since Kenton Keith didn't even suit up that day (chest injury), T.J. Rushing is our running back for the rest of the game. Shortly after that, say Roy Hall (for irony's sake) goes down hard after a kickoff and has to leave on a stretcher. Think they'd stand much of a chance? I don't know, but that's what Houston faced on Sunday and they held up pretty darn well. Despite giving up two rushing TDs, they have a really good run defense. Expect a better fight from this team the next time we meet. Hopefully the Colts will have improved by then.

Speaking of rushing touchdowns. That one from Addai was flippin' sweet! The picture above speaks a thousand words and I'm sure you'll see it all over the place. Even better than a picture is the actual footage. Enjoy.

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